I’ve never committed to anything for 27 months of my life. I’ve never lived anywhere for 27 months (not counting parents house), never worked anywhere for 27 months (continuously), never dated someone for 27 months.

So this whole PC thing is quite a departure from my usual status quo. It probably couldn’t have come at a better time. As I pass my mid-twenties (that’s pretty scary to type), I’ve come to find that things I’ve been looking for in life are not in a particular place or location. The best things in my life; God, family, my friends, have all been around longer than 27 months, and will continue to be. 

I guess you can call that ‘settling down’, but I don’t like the word settling. I try to live by the words, ‘good is the enemy of great’, and settling is far from great. But the best things in life I will never finish. I will never reach the pinnacle of friendship, family or holiness, but I can continue down a path that can get me closer and closer to them which in the end is its own reward.

(Actually, after typing all that, I see that other than God, I’m farther away from those things than at any other time in my life.) 

And at some point find a girl to have babies with, to get my mom off my back.