Today was one of the top 5 happiest days of my life, along with my first kiss, the day I found out I got the internship at EDS and the day the Red Sox won the World Series.

I got my first package!

It was sent by Justin and Wing, and contained some much needed, and MUCH appreciated things:

A tool box with all the essentials! I showed my host dad this and he was super excited. I’m going to try to start some fix-up projects around the house with him.

Butane lighter.

Axe deodorant, not that it’s hard to keep the ladies off in Africa.

5 boxes of Kraft Mac and cheese. YUM.

Milano cookies (crumbs after the month long trip).

A book, true spirituality, by Francis Schaeffer.


AAA batteries.

Pop Tarts for an all American breakfast.

MUCH needed Raid. God damn cockroaches won’t know what hit ‘em.

The package was postmarked June 24 and today is July 22, which is about right. It probably arrived in Yaonde in about 3 weeks, then about a week to get to my post, etc.

Its funny the reaction you receive when you get a package. People crowd around, anticipation builds and everyone patiently waits while I open the box. Each new item shown is followed by an ‘oohh’, or ‘aahhh’. Everyone thinks I have the best friends ever, and they’re right. The biggest ‘oohh’ was reserved for the toolbox. Now we can fix stuff. Where to begin…

My first package!