Yesterday I found out where I’ll be posted. I wasn’t nervous though. The PC has done a great job matching us up so far, thinking of my host family and my test assigned company, which is probably the nicest restaurant in town.

The Small Enterprise Development (SED) Director, my boss, joked that this is the closest he come to being God, since he’s telling us where we’ll be spending the next 2 years of our lives.

When I found out my post, I was a little disappointed. I will be working with a Microfinance Institution (MFI) in the town of Bangou, which is about 30 minutes from where I’m training now. It’s a small village of about 7-12 thousand people. There have already been two previous SED PC volunteers in the town working for that MFI and have pretty much gotten it in working order administratively. From what I’ve gathered they now need help taking the next step, getting automated, becoming more efficient, doing analysis and help with Marketing.

I was looking forward to going to a smaller town, to an institution that needed help from the ground up. But this is probably a good thing. Working at the MFI is only part of my job. The other part is to go into the village and help entrepreneurs with business ideas, planning, training, etc. Also to educate youth on AIDS and business and really any projects that I think will better the lives of people in my village.

I just hope that what happened this morning isn’t a hint of what’s to come. While taking a shower, I dropped my soap in the toilet.

I’m going to visit the town with the PC volunteer that already lives there tomorrow. She’s going to introduce me to the important people of the village. Hope it goes well. I am bringing a good bottle of French wine to the village Chief as a gift.

PS. I already visited and will write about it soon.

PPS. A special treat. videos of the cutest kid in Cameroon, Andrew!

I tried catching Andrew playing with a piece of half eaten corn, but he caught me.

Andrew dancing to some crazy french-african song.

More andrew being cute