Maybe it’s just being in a completely foreign environment, but almost every day something happens that makes me smile.

My family here has a chicken and a rooster; la poulet et le cock in French. Yesterday morning, I was waiting for another volunteer outside of my house. The chicken and the rooster are standing out there with me because the door into the house is closed. They are always together, pecking at the ground in unison. Out of nowhere, another rooster showed up and started making his way closer. I could tell my chicken and rooster wanted to go inside but couldn’t. So I opened the door and they went inside. The strange rooster kind of hung around outside I guess waiting to see if the chicken was going to come out. About a minute later, my rooster came out and started chasing the other rooster until he was out of sight of the house. My rooster then returned to the house and started crowing all over the place and acting all cocky about chasing off the competition.

I’ve really gotten to like my chicken and rooster pets, although people here don’t have pets. There’s something cool about seeing non-domesticated animals acting like people. Sometimes, in the morning the rooster will come up to my window and start crowing. That’s kind of annoying, but I’ll just look outside and think to myself, “Le cock”, get up and start getting ready.

Some pics:

my room

My room in Bagante

le cock et poulet

My friends, le cock and la poulet waiting for me, with my host sister Alex in the background

Me cooking burgers, with the kids attentively watching. Notice ‘la poulet’ in the backgound hatching an egg. She was nice enough to let us grill out there with her.

More of the same with Andrew ‘le enfant plus mignon de Cameroun’, looking right at the camera. I think everyone enjoyed the ghetto burgers