Yesterday was my worst day in Cameroun so far.


After classes, the PC volunteers and the training staff went to play futball at a field. The field was of course all hard brown dirt, like almost every other surface outside, with a bunch of holes. We started playing and any thoughts of being in shape went out the window about 3.7 minutes into the game. I was sucking wind like French politician.


I got a few looks at the ball where I think I handled myself pretty well, but one of those times I twisted my ankle. However, I kept playing for another 30 minutes meanwhile it kept getting worse. Finally, I went out of the game looking for an ice pack. Then I remembered I was in Cameroun and there is no ice here.


So I hopped my way back home, ate, hung out with my Camerounean family for a bit then went to bed.


As part of our service in Cameroun, we have to sleep under mosquito nets because of possible Malaria. We get shots but I guess they just want to be as careful as possible. We’re supposed to tuck the nets into the beds so that nothing can get on the bed, but that’s a real pain plus it seems a little paranoid.


Well last night I think I found out the real reason people do this. About an hour into my sleep, I guess I felt something on me which made me wake up and swipe it off me. I got my cell phone and shined the light onto the floor and sure enough there was a cockroach on the floor which quickly scurried away under the bed.


Now, if I was back at home, I would have just left the room and slept on the couch, but since that’s not really an option, and probably not a good idea, I decided to just try to get back to sleep. But you know when you know there’s something around, your mind goes all paranoid on you. I kept hearing scratching noises. I swear he was coming after me (I’m assuming it was a he). So I turned on the light and looked for him. Sure enough, he was right by my bed. I got my flip flop and killed him.


I turned the light back off and went back to bed but I was so freaked out that any little noise would cause me to look around. I heard more scratching at my mosquito net. I just kept telling myself that it was coming from outside and it wasn’t after me. A few seconds later a heard something *flying*over my face! This thing was inside my net and launching aerial attacks.


I slapped at my face a few times, and sprung up on top of my bed. I was surrounded by killer African flying cockroaches. I couldn’t just lay there and let them keep attacking so I turned the light back on and grabbed my flip flop and begun my counter attack. I found the pilot and squashed him. But there were more still. The battle lasted all night, and I didn’t get any sleep but I killed 4 of those sons of bitches. Cockroaches have been around for quite a long time, and a battle of attrition is not going to work against them.


Tonight, I’m checking my bed, tucking in the mosquito net, and sleeping; with the light on.