I’m in Philadelphia, hours away from leaving. The last few days have been very busy with packing, learning and drinking, so I haven’t had time to write much. Which is too bad since I’ve learned a lot and seen some interesting things.

I’ll share one story that I found amusing. I was walking to dinner with some coworkers and I asked for gum, but Sarah, the girl I asked didn’t have any, but she said she had a mint. The mint was small, round and white so I asked, is this a moth ball? She said no, then added, “But, do you have some on you, cause I can smell it.” I was embarrassed because I knew the smell she was talking about. My mom likes to put moth balls all over the house in Texas so all my clothing smells like moth balls. I’m convinced that has something to do with me being 27 and single.

moth balls

For extra reading, you can check out this Article on the Philadelphia Inquirer. It’s about Norm, a guy in my group leaving to Cameroon. I couldn’t sneak my way in the picture, but its still about my group.

Peace Corps Cameroon article

I’ll write more when I get to Cameroon.