Thursday, August 31, 2006


Its official


After spending months and months putting it off, I’m in like a dirty sock…


Applicant Agreement


Applicant Name:                                                         SS#:                                             


Congratulations once again on your nomination to the Peace Corps!  You have been recommended for Peace Corps service and your application has been forwarded to the Placement Office in Washington, DC for further review. In order to qualify for this program, you must gain further experience as listed below.


Because many assignments have specific requirements set by host countries, applicants often need to complete a language class, tutoring, or other volunteer work in order to qualify. If you do not complete this requirement, you will not meet the qualifications for the assignment you discussed with your Recruiter and run the risk of being withdrawn from consideration. If you have questions about what you need to do, please contact your Recruiter immediately. In order for your application to be given further consideration, please complete the item(s) checked below:  


      X    Language Training: Applicants who have been nominated to an assignment with


            foreign language must complete the following formal language study through an accredited academic program in order to be considered for invitation. 


            X    French:  introductory – French II (100-level) course(s)


                     .. Spanish: intermediate (200-level) course(s)


My peace corps rep said she could get me into Africa if I went to western Africa, where the main language spoken there is French. So I have to take some french classes before leaving. Hopefully, my sister can help me out on this one since she’s taken like 6 years of it, although I’ve never heard her speak a lick of it.


So sometime next year I’ll be in western Africa!